As the coronavirus pandemic grips countries across the world, it has disrupted lives and is challenging the survival and well-being of human beings especially of the marginalised people. Amidst the protective measures and lock-down due to COVID-19, the migrant labourers, daily wagers and their families are struggling to meet their daily needs. Thousands of them sleep on the road or in temporary shelters without much information about the ongoing crisis and with a high probability of being exposed to it. They face dual risks of contracting this infectious disease and the loss of income and hence food. In response to this, KAUSHALYA Foundation is working to support them by providing food supplies, safety and hygiene materials and sharing information about COVID-19 and the preventive measures in Patna and other affected places in Bihar.

While we work with the most affected communities, it’s essential to ensure the safety of the team members and volunteers as well. Hence, a portion of funds raised would also be used for their training and other protective measures.

We urge you to come together as human and together we put our best foot forward. Let us pool our resources to share the most basic necessities of life with our fellow humans during this extraordinary moment of crisis.

A short description of our plan of action includes:

  • 1. Provide food supplies to the most vulnerable and marginalised
  • 2. Arrange and distribute safety and hygiene materials for the most vulnerable groups
  • 3. Awareness drive and information sharing

Please come forward and help the people of Bihar fight the situation arising from Corona and lock-down. Donate using the RazorPay link or here: