Capt. Pawanexh Kohli

Principal Advisor of CrossTree techno-visors and Chief Advisor to National Centre of Cold-chain Development (NCCD). He is acclaimed as the prime mover for government initiatives in farm to fork supply chain development. Global experience of 30 years in shipping, logistics, post-harvest management & infrastructure. International speaker at global forums and lauded as a thought leader.

“Kaushalya Foundation, its leadership, their inclusive & grass root achievements and high levels of enthusiasm, leaves me inspired and keeps me motivated. Having been associated since 2008, I have found myself continually in admiration at their perseverance and their sustained focus on bringing value to SMAL farmers and vendors is worthy of emulation. Bringing scientific organization and socio-economic fulfillment to such a disparate and diverse group is no mean feat and I am glad to have the opportunity to support some of KFs achievements.”