Mrs. Rekha Kumari

Yale Global Social Entrepreneurship Fellow and Curator At World Economic Forum-Patna Hub

Mrs. Rekha Kumari, YALE GLOBAL SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP FELLOW, and CURATOR AT WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM-PATNA HUB work closely on the rural enterprise development and project implementation at grass root level at KAUSHALYA Foundation. She brings distinctive experience to her role as Program Manager at KAUSHALYA Foundation from her four years working. Her diversified working background with different MNCs like Skoda India Pvt Ltd and Reliance Communications Ltd in managing Human resource along with experience in development sectors brings impact-oriented and very much implementable perspective to work at KAUSHALYA Foundation. She is associated with building women enterprise in rural areas of Bihar and her goal includes the transformation of women’s unrecognized contribution to agriculture and allied sector to enterprising activity enhancing their say and strengthening their socio-economic status. Her belief in empowering women involves boosting confidence in themselves, economic independence and being able to make and exercise choices in their life.