Solar System A Boon For Farmers

Ajit Prasad, the solar irrigation system operator, at Sirha village of East Champaran district.

Taking the unproductivity on a serious note, KF with the collaboration of a group of 20 farmers in the Sirha village has installed a solar irrigation system with the objective of providing water at the low rate and on time to poor and marginal farmers. Solar irrigation system has gained popularity in these days and hence many arid regions such as Africa, India, South America are part of sustainably projects. New initiatives and ventures aim at increasing productivity of local farmers and hence, improving their living conditions.

With same objective Kaushalya Foundation from Bihar came forward and putting their effort to help farmers living a better life.

On the other hand, solar pumps are also limiting the CO2 emissions and come in the favour of nature. Solar-based irrigation methods can help farmer in the unprecedented times with better income and profits. When used, can benefits the farmers by spending money on fossil fuels. In achieving sustainable goals solar irrigation system can be proved rockstar if the irrigation systems in India.

Sirha village is situated in Pakaridayal block of East Champaran district, Bihar. The people of the village mostly belong to OBC, SC and ST and their only means of income is farming. Before the installation of a solar irrigation system in January 2020, the village farmers had to wait for the rain to fulfill the thirstiness of the agricultural land.

Ajit Prasad, one of the members of the group, who was selected to run the irrigation system on Rs 20 per hour as his charge. He has also given his farming land for the installation of solar along with some bricks and cash for building the pump house. The marginal farmer owns 18 Khatta of land for cultivation and also taken 10 Khatta land on lease. But due to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, Ajit had lost his cultivation of mangoes and litchis this year. This year he cultivated flowers in 10 Khatta, wheat in 5 Khatta, lentils in 3 Khatta, vegetables in 10 Khatta, and mangoes, jackfruit, litchi in other left areas. Due to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, his mango and litchis cultivation were damaged. Vegetables and flowers got spoiled in the field itself due to the ongoing lockdown. Feeding a family of six was hard in these difficult times, but as a solar irrigation system operator, the only source of income, he earned Rs 6,100 in three months, which proved to be a boon for him. Ajit Prasad said, “If solar irrigation system was not installed, then what would happen to our family is beyond our imagination. By working as an operator has proved to be a boon in these difficult times.” He also thanked his farmers mate of the Kaushalya Foundation for the opportunity.