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March 16, 2021
The concept of good qualification was ruled by an engineering degree in the ’80s and ’90s, but an MBA became a mandatory scholastic accomplishment...
By Kenfolios
February 8, 2021
As COVID-19 pushed new population groups into hunger (or back into hunger) KAUSHALYA Foundation (KF), a Bihar-based NGO, raised money and partnered with...
By United People Global
January 20, 2020
Kaushlendra went to IIM Ahmedabad but instead of a cushy job was more interested to exploit UP & Bihar's agriculture potential. Many villages in Bihar stopped cultivation of...
By Giridhar Jha
July 9, 2019
From AC carts that sell fair trade vegetables to tractor driving lessons for village women, Kaushlendra’s unique initiatives have turned around the lives of thousands of ...
By Tanvi Patel
January 25, 2019
डीजे में ऑपरेटर का काम कर सालाना 50 हजार भी नहीं कमा पाते थे और अब खेती कर कमा रहे 5 लाख से ज्यादा। बदलाव की यह कहानी युवा घनश्याम की है। पूर्णिया जिले के केनगर प्रखंड के नोनियापट्टी गांव के घनश्याम ने मक्का और शिमला मिर्च की खेती शुरू की।...
By bhaskar.com
October 15, 2017
बिहार के अविनाश को क्लाइमेट रियलिटी लीडर चुना गया है। अविनाश सहित विश्व के 100 लोगों को जलवायु परिवर्तन पर विशेषज्ञों द्वारा अमेरिका में ...
By bhaskar.com
July 13, 2017
How an IIM topper worked with the farmers and set up a Rs 5 crore vegetable business? Less than 10 years ago, Kaushlendra started out with nothing but a small room and …
By G Singh
February, 2013
The day was 5th April, 2007. I was a 26 year old bespectacled young man, without an excessively attractive personality, who landed in Patna with a dream. I was, ...
By IIMA Alumni Magazine
June 25, 2011
When Kaushlendra Kumar did his MBA from the IIM, Ahmedabad, and won a gold medal and topped in agribusiness in 2007, he was confident of turning ...
By Usha Rai
May 23, 2011
Singh is one of 5,000 farmers in Bihar whose vegetables are sold in the state capital, Patna, by a three-year-old start-up called Samriddhi.
By Jyothi Thottam
April, 2011
KAUSHALYA FOUNDATION, registered as a Public Charitable Trust, was established on January 29, 2008 by the Management Professionals from Top B-Schools of India…
By CommodityIndia.com
September 05, 2009
The seed for Kaushlendra’s business idea was sown very early in his student life. Growing up in a farmer’s family in Bihar’s Nalanda district, Kaushlendra was ...
By Anurag Prasad
April 18, 2009
"I spent my life in Patna without having a single penny in my pocket for several days. That was the period when everybody ...
By Team YS
April 10, 2009
Imagine a boy from the Mahmmadpur village of Bihar taking an education loan of Rs 5 lakh to complete a degree from IIM-A. Who then stays away from campus placements ...
By Amitabh Srivastava
June 26, 2008
Kaushlendra, the 2007 batch topper of the IIM, Ahmedabad, became a vegetable vendor “to earn money and ensure quality prices to farmers and quality product to citizens”.
By Nalin Verma