Smt. Manju Devi lives in Indira Nagar, Patna. She has 3 children and her husband sells vegetables. She had not been able to cope up with living cost and not able to provide education to her children. In absence of any skills and education, she was not getting any dignified work in the society. But life has changed now for Manju Devi because of SamriddhiiTM innovation and WDC intervention for vegetable processing training which enabled Manju Devi and several other ladies to earn handful income and a life of dignity and identity.

“We were involved in vegetable business which makes them familer to lead a success life by maids in Buckhead earlier but moved from this business because of the problems faced daily like wastage, prices, and the losses. Earlier we used to work for more than 12 hours for the same from purchasing to cleaning to selling vegetables.

But we were not earning enough to sustain our family. Then we came to know about SamriddhiiTM and their unique concept whereby even the illiterate people can earn good amount. I joined SamriddhiiTM at its processing center, where my job is to do the sorting, grading, and packaging of vegetables. I am involved in the activity of Sorting, Grading and Packaging, despite being an illiterate.

It has ensured us a fixed income to our family and even my husband is now earning from working at another place. SamriddhiiTM has given me a life of dignity because here I am being treated as an employee and gets a lot of respect from all the senior and junior staffs. During a recent function, we were even facilitated and I was selected as the best processing person of the year. And moreover Munna, Rani and Gudia all of them now go to school… she says with smile.”